A downloadable game for Windows

Description: Two levels I created in Unity3D (F1 and F2 to switch between them). You play as a Griffon surveilling the area.  Heavily inspired by God of War and Bloodborne.

Controls: W to move forward and mouse to set the direction.

Install instructions

Download all the files into the same folder, unzip "BetweenWorldsWindowsMac.zip" and launch "Between Worlds" executable file.


BetweenWorldsWindowsMac.zip 33 MB
BetweenWorldsWindowsMac.z01 700 MB
BetweenWorldsWindowsMac.z02 700 MB
BetweenWorldsWindowsMac.z03 700 MB


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Thank You very much, the previews look wonderful!

But be assured, you cannot open .exe-files on a native Mac.

If someone has, via third-party-software, Windows installed, it should work, as well as maybe with 64-bit supporting Wine + companions  installed. Currently Wine, as a 32 Bit app, does work on machines running OS X 10.14 or earlier. (I´ll try that tonight, in an earlier version of this post, I assumed, that a really new MAC would be mandatory)


Thank you for your feedback, Boris! I removed Mac tag from the description and will be working on a fix.